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  • Burn 800+ calories in under 20 minutes!!! 
  • Several intervals with MAXIMUM effort for only 20 seconds with short breaks in between
  • Build your stamina and confidence with these upbeat, energy boosting dance workouts 
  • Learn awesome dance moves, get great RESULTS!

 Edgy dance fitness Queen Keaira LaShae is back with another amazing dvd. THIS is definitely NOT your typical workout! Filmed with friends in Keaira LaShae’s basement, these fun, high energy, calorie scorching dance moves will have you in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE! 

“I felt like inviting my friends over to get a great workout in my basement, so I called them and they came right over. Nothing fancy just fun, sweat and some killer moves!”

  • Keaira LaShae 

Looking for that extra push to get to your fitness goals FAST? Keaira LaShae’s Hiphop TABATA DVD will challenge your mind, body and spirit while also building strength, stamina and confidence like you’ve never had before. Most of all, there are different modifications for ALL fitness levels and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Join Keaira LaShae and friends as they do fun dance workouts to hype music and burn over 800+ calories in less than 20 minutes per workout


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