FULL CLASS SESSION - Booty Me Down (Download/Streaming version) -55 minutes

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This workout feels like you're at the club with your girls tearing up the dance floor!!

Stream or download on your phone, tablet or computer. To play on t.v hook up to HDMI chord.

Want to learn a fun dance routine and burn calories at the same time? Join Keaira LaShae in a full 55 minute class session as she teaches step by step. You will constantly learn from the top of the routine so don't worry if you're not a professional dancer. This is fun for ALL LEVELS. By the end, you'll be dripping sweat and feel like a dancer!

Once you purchase, you will receive an email from SendOwl right away with a clickable link leading you to stream this amazing, calorie burning good time! 

Please make sure to have good wifi signal when streaming this workout.