Resistance Leg and Booty Bands

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 Resistance Exercise 6 LEVEL Bands  


These resistance bands are great for toning at home workouts!

  • Color:  Black, Green;blue,red , Yellow,Orange

  • The 6 PACK Exercise Resistance Loop Bands are the perfect affordable way for anyone to get in shape now.

  • The Exercise Resistance Loop Bands are specifically designed to be easily incorporated into all types of workouts.

  • Strengthen your arms, legs, core, and buttocks with easy implementation into any of your typical stances, stretches and poses.

  • Material: Latex

  • Size: 600*50.8* 0.3mm (10-15 Ibs); 600*50.8* 0.5mm (15-20 Ibs);  600*50.8* 0.7mm (20-25 Ibs); 

  •          600*50.8* 0.9mm (25-30 Ibs); 600*50.8* 1.2mm (30-35 Ibs);  600*50.8* 1.5mm (35-40 Ibs)

  • A perfect present for your friends,families, lovers etc

Package Content:

  • 6PC Level Resistance Exercise Loop Bands Home Gym Fitness Natural Latex Set Of 6  

  • 1 PC Bag